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To Avoid Everything

one needs to do

To CRAFT instead.

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Crocheting 101

Come and learn stitches, tools and techniques you need to get started with crochet!

This hobby will ​be enjoyable for life with so many possibilities of things to make. 

Class is $25/1.5hrs or $30/2hrs recommended for ages 9+ includes all supplies.

The instructor will get things started with teaching the differences of yarns and

helping you pick the right yarn for your project.

Then the fun begins with learning how to hold your hook correctly,

getting the basic chain stitch started, keeping your work in rows and your crochet on track.

Your intertwining of working the yarn will flow into a beautiful creation.

After you have these basics down you can move on to the fundamentals of crochet: the single, half double,

double and treble crochet stitches. Build your stitches into fabric as you learn to create the foundation chain,

the beginning of any piece worked in rows.

Project based on ages/skills attending.

Check out our facebook page as the date gets closer for updates.

Contact us:

email/call/text for questions or to reserve a spot